LOW LLC is your complete source for Packaged Ice Melts.  With our vast network of packaging facilities, we have the deicing product to address your specific temperature and environmental conditions. From our Halite Rock Salt that is optimally screened to work in spreaders and maximize coverage, to the proprietary Blizzard Wizard® (Arctic Thaw™ Plus) Ice Melt designed to maximize melting power, FLOW LLC has you covered. Property Managers, Retailers, Hotels and Snow Professionals alike have learned to rely on the best – FLOW LLC…. Melt With Us.

Blizzard Wizard ® Ice Melt

• 30% to 40% less corrosive than rock salt

• Advanced ice melt that can leave dry, bare ground

• Innovative formula delivers aggressive melting power to -20° F

• Helps provide an “ice-shield” for upcoming snow Durable, Poly Bags Available In

40 lb bags – 63 units per pallet  


Halite Rock Salt      salt

• Optimally screened for use in salt spreaders and to maximize coverage.

• Available at a number of bagging facilities

• Economical Durable, Poly Bags Available In   

50 lb bags – 49 units per pallet


Arctic Thaw® Blended Ice Melt

• Works at low temperatures

• Fast Acting

• Proprietary Blend of 3 Highly Effective Melting Agents.

• The tri-melting power works quickly from the top and bottom with

less dilution than other more expensive melts. Durable, Poly Bags Available In:

40 lb bags – 63 units per pallet


TOP C-Force™ Calcium Chloride Pellets

• Fastest melting deicer available

• Melts at temperatures below -25°F

• Durable, Poly Bags Available In

50 lb bags – 56 units per pallet

 Calcium Chloride Flake.Durable, Poly Bags Available In

50 lb bags – 56 or 52 units per pallet

 Magnesium Chloride Pellets

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